It was 1958 when in the USA President D.D. Eisenhower establishes the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), the Ministry of Health is established in Italy and “Il Blu dipinto di Blu” triumphs in Sanremo with the unprecedented couple Domenico Modugno and Jonny Dorelli, the Nautilus SSN-571 is the first submarine to cross the Arctic ice cap of the North Pole, the American engineer Jack Kilby announced the invention of the microchip and Maurizio Taiuti, in the flourishing Tuscany, founded the company whose brand still bears his name today. The idea was born on a sunny day while the young Maurizio was weaving wicker baskets when the idea came to his mind that, as he weaved the baskets that would contain fruit, vegetables and basic necessities, he could weave anything … this is how the first prototype of a bag was born from a simple wire and some beads.
Having acquired the necessary ability and confidence, the idea was to give life to a company that developed a different concept of women’s accessories, thus the first official bag was born, the number 1 bag, still today an heirloom present in the company and remembered with affected by his daughters Elisabetta and Alessandra who today run the company.

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