Maurizio Taiuti was set up in 1958 from the idea of Maurizio Taiuti of giving life to a business reality that developed one different conception of the femmine accessory sector.
An experience of over 50 years, a know-how that has evolved over time, season after season, along with a production capacity which has reached high levels.
Enthusiasm, creativity, expertise and research represent our commitment and our strategy to provide our customers quality products.
Our collections express the refinement of materials, shapes, the particularity of the details; a clean and elegant style easy to wear, a style that is in line with women’s needs of everyday life.
The style is simple but elegant at the same time, a handy and original accessory that accompanying a vanguard and active way of life.
Behind all this work there is a company careful to the smallest detail, from the choice of raw materials to the finishes.
A service of ready and punctual delivery completes the picture of a company  that guarantees Made in Italy using all Italian materials.
We offer our clients our collection and a product developement service.